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Women's Power & Healing | Step Into Your Greatness Bracelet

Women's Power & Healing | Step Into Your Greatness Bracelet

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Red Carnelian: Stone of Empowerment

I call Red Carnelian the 'women's healing stone' because it is the ultimate aide for our root chakra, which we as women so often struggle with. In this patriarchal world, so many of us are stepping forth into our power: becoming breadwinners, starting businesses, and helping others to heal by using our innate gifts.

The root chakra deals with the security and safety that we need in order to feel comfortable expressing that power. In a "man's world" that has been competitive and left-brained for so long, it can be difficult to feel grounded and secure in our wisdom and authority. I believe that THIS IS OUR TIME. The world needs the nurturing and balance that only we can provide. We must let go of the fear that we're not good enough; that as women we must take a certain role, or that we'll fail if we step too far from society's comfort zone, or that someone else is better at what we were born to do. This bracelet will remind you that NO ONE can stand in the way of the talent you are meant to bring this world - you are special, you are loved, and you are safe & free to be as POWERFUL as you want to be.

You are ready. Wear this bracelet to take action on moving forward with the new path in life that you've been yearning for. This power stone stimulates ambition and drive, so it will aid you in manifesting exactly what you need to step into the role you were born to fulfill.

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