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Aura Protection, Good Luck + Prosperity Necklace

Aura Protection, Good Luck + Prosperity Necklace

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THIS is the necklace that started it all.

In 2014, I attended the Mondo Well health conference in NYC. While there, I met an amazing Naturopathic Doctor named Phil. We instantly connected and got into very deep conversation about life, energy, and vibration. 

He told me that because I'm sensitive, I should be protecting myself at all times with Sandalwood & Frankincense essential oils around my neck. After a bit of research, I decided to make my very own powerful protection elixir. I made a base of 24K gold flakes + organic honey, and added frankincense, sandalwood, and myrrh oils.

  • 24 KARAT GOLD - In the world of spiritual healing, Gold has the emotional power to ease tension, feelings of inferiority, an anger as well as encouraging the realization of one’s potential and bringing comfort. Gold sends you good luck in interviews or meeting new people. It calms you down and eases frustration.
  • FRANKINCENSE - Protection, promotes spiritual growth, brings good luck
  • MYRRH - Guards against evil, brings peace, assists in understanding personal sorrow. Promotes happiness. Not only assists in expanding your wisdom, but provides a gentle comfort from the Universe as one moves further into the mysteries of life.
  • SANDALWOOD - Natural stress reliever that enhances spirituality and meditation.
  • ORGANIC HONEY - A symbol of hard work and cooperation. Increases prosperity.

I wore my necklace on 4/22/14 for the first time and my marketing professor pulled me aside after class. He showed his son my website, and he was interested in interviewing me immediately. In the bathroom later on, I met one of the marketing department heads at my school. She told me that she plans to introduce me to a woman who is all about natural cures and owns her own organic business. At that moment, I looked down at my necklace and thought, this couldn't be a coincidence! I felt I had created my very own good luck charm with some of the most powerful substances on earth.

I had a bunch of glass vials left over, so I decided to share this gift and posted what happened to me on Instagram. I only had 9 vials left (since I originally made this just for myself!) and asked if there were a few people out there interested. Within 2 hours, I had 400 orders. That's when I KNEW this necklace was something special. It's what started my entire jewelry shop! To this day, we've made over 10 THOUSAND necklaces and continue to read stories from around the world about how they've brought a little magic to peoples' lives.

Each aura protection necklace is handmade with love and is 100% unique. I put nothing but POSITIVE energy into these. I want to give you the best feeling possible when you put this on.

If you'd like to leave me a note at checkout, that would be even better, because I can get to know you a bit and envision your goals while I make your piece!

Thank you so much for supporting small business.

♡ ALL PURCHASES come with a free gift of loose crystals chosen for you based on intuition♡